French Memorial Competition

The team behind “Carrière de Mémoire – Quarry of Memory” assembled by Andrew Sexton Architecture, explained how "a collection of underground quarries in France, named after New Zealand towns and cities, have offered the inspiration for a memorial which brings these place names, inscribed beneath French soil, back to the surface at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. Incorporating plant species from France as well as Aotearoa/New Zealand, the site-design by us, asserts the ongoing, living, cyclical nature of the memorial and of memory itself. Texts by poets Gregory O'Brien and Jenny Bornholdt (in English, French and Maori) inscribed into the walls, link France and New Zealand and offer a lyrical reflection on past, present and future. The design was one of four shortlisted entries from a field of 50 in the open competiton for the memorial in 2016.