Mount Victoria Courtyard

This inner city courtyard was developed in conjunction with a major renovation of the heritage building by Wellington architect Philip Porritt. Useable space in a tight site and a restful vista from the house were key requirements for the clients so simplicity was key. The existing raised lawn was to be removed to make more space at the ground floor level and retaining provided along the boundaries to achieve this. Vertical planting like corokia and thuja were used in layers to provide maximum greening, softening but most importantly depth. The fire was intended to provide a focal feature from both inside and outside the house. A glazed pergola was constructed along the façade facing the rear courtyard to provide a generous area which allows barbeque access in all weather. A slim zinc-allume emergency water tank which is fed by stormwater collected on the pergola roof is located on the northern boundary. The front terrace is built over the garage and therefore had no soil to plant in. Bespoke timber planters were made to house thuja and westringia balls around the edges with further softening provided by tall concrete planters and smaller square pots at the front door.