We view landscape as a continuous element which is more than any single object or precinct. It seamlessly incorporates both our immediate defined space and our broader geographical context. As landscape Architects our work at a local level combines global and regional thinking with spatial design to create and foster places that enhance our lives and landscape.



A core driver at local is the promotion of environmental, social and economic sustainability. What and how we build has a profound impact on the landscape and lives of New Zealanders. What we choose to build is both an expression of our values and impacts on our experience and understanding of the world. From meaningful consultation to informed material selection, social and environmental consciousness is at the heart of everything we do.


local is a collective of established Landscape Architects with a commitment to advancing our experience and respect of our surroundings through collaboration and creativity. Together with a network of likeminded specialists we respond to local needs with bespoke design teams conceived around unique project requirements.

Our vision proposes an innovative way of working that nimbly responds to the individual needs of our clients, communities and environment. We work collectively to enable meaningful designs that strive to be a universal benchmark while remaining local.



We believe that design is not hierarchical and place value on inclusive contribution, our design rationale is made stronger through debate. Our studio promotes flexibility, a structure in which all voices are valued and personal development is emphasised. We frequently work within large interdisciplinary teams, varied stakeholders, communities, and clients where strong communication and a willingness to collaborate openly are key to developing meaningful solutions.


“If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter” Blaise Pascal

Resources are always finite but problems are often complex and multifaceted. At local we invest time to fully understand and test (and test again) our designs against project objectives, interrogating the value of our design and ensure the total life cost and value of our work is considered as part of a thoughtful responses to immediate issues.